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Data Archives Workshop Program

July 17, 2019 by S. O'Toole
Sept. 19, 2019, 4:42 a.m. S. O'Toole
The Program of the Astronomical Data Archives workshop 2019

The program of the workshop is divided into four parts:

  1. Infrastructure (Monday 5 August)
  2. Theme discussions (Tuesday 6 August)
  3. Industry (Wednesday 7 August)
  4. UnConference (Thursday 8 August)

The theme discussions can be edited and added to here.

The topics for the two UnConference sessions are decided by attendees, with voting on the first two days of the workshop. Here are a list of possible ideas:

  • Git ins and outs
  • User testing best practices
  • Databases in the cloud
  • Running teams

Remember though, if you suggest a topic, you'll be expected to at least lead the discussion! Please email Simon with ideas!

Workshop Program

Monday 5 August
09:00-09:10WelcomeKatrina Sealey (AAO)
09:10-09:40Australia and the Virtual ObservatoryRachel Webster (AAL/U. Melbourne)
09:40-10:00CDS services in use across global astronomy data centresMark Allen (CDS)
10:00-10:20The architecture of and challenges faced by the archives hosted at IPACBruce Berriman (IPAC/Caltech)
10:20-10:40VO interoperability framework integration in the European Open Science Cloud. First steps and challenges.Marco Molinaro (INAF)
10:40-11:05Morning Tea 
11:05-11:25The evolution of the tech stack(s) for MAST VO servicesTom Donaldson (MAST/STScI)
11:25-11:45The strategy and system architecture of China-VO astronomy cloud computing environmentChanghua Li (China-VO)
11:45-12:05The Japanese Virtual Observatory system at NAOJYuji Shirasaki (NAOJ)
12:05-12:25CASDA software and infrastructureJames Dempsey/Minh Huynh (CSIRO)
12:25-12:45A joint web archive for SAAO and SALTChristian Hettlage/Lucian Botha (SAAO)
13:30-13:50A review of the NAOJ science data archiveHisanori Furusawa (NAOJ)
13:50-14:10An Overview of Data CentralSimon O'Toole (AAO)
14:10-14:30INAF-IA2 (Italian Astronomical Archive): status of the services and future perspectivesRiccardo Smareglia (INAF)
14:30-14:50The MAST Cloud PlatformJonathon Hargis (MAST/STScI)
14:50-15:10Setup and Services of the SkyMapper ASVO nodeMarc White (ANU/SkyMapper)
15:10-15:30An overview of TAO5Ray Seikel (Swinburne/TAO)
15:30-15:50Afternoon Tea 
15:50-16:10Astrophysical archives in the SciServer science platformGerard Lemson (JHU)
16:10-16:30Experiences with the Australia Telescope Online ArchiveArkadi Kosmynin (CSIRO)
16:30-16:50MWA ASVO/Archive stack overviewGreg Sleap (Curtin/MWA)
16:50-17:10The ESO Science Archive: status and plansVincenzo Forchì (ESO – remote)
Tuesday 6 August
09:00-09:20EBF, an efficient and user friendly binary file formatSanjib Sharma (U Sydney)
09:20-09:40The 'Next Generation' Archive System (NGAS) 18 years after the first installationAndreas Wicenec (UWA)
09:40-10:20HardwareFacilitated by Simon O'Toole
10:20-10:50Morning Tea 
10:50-11:40Different technologies for storage and queryingFacilitated by Lloyd Harischandra (AAO)
11:40-12:30Beyond Data StorageFacilitated by Tom Donaldson (MAST/STScI)
13:30-14:20InteroperabilityFacilitated by Nuria Lorente (AAO)
14:20-15:00ToolsFacilitated by Nu Fernando
15:00-15:30Afternoon Tea 
15:30-17:30UX/UI BoFFacilitated by Jenn Kotler (MAST/STScI)
Wednesday 7 August
09:50-10:40Data Archiving and Analysis with Microsoft AzureBrian Carter (Microsoft)
10:40-11:10Morning Tea 
11:10-12:00Amazon Web ServicesZoe Pelbart (AWS)
12:00-12:50MongoDB and AstronomyStephen Steneker (MongoDB)
14:00-16:30Social Cricket Afternoon 
18:30-22:30Dinner: Sails on Lavender Bay 
Thursday 8 August
09:00-09:30User Engagement: Creating Social Infrastructure for Digital CommunitiesLed by Jenn Kotler (MAST/STScI)
09:30-10:20UX and Data Visualisation [EXTRA RESOURCES]Andrea Lau (Small Multiples)
10:20-10:50Morning Tea 
10:50-12:00Software sustainabilityLed by Tom Donaldson
13:00-14:00Experiences with noSQL databases/Experiences with Cloud systemsLed by Simon O'Toole
14:00-15:00Outcomes, Actions and Wrap-UpLed by Simon O'Toole
15:00Meeting End 
July 17, 2019 by S. O'Toole
Sept. 19, 2019, 4:42 a.m. S. O'Toole