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A complete guide to using Data Central
May 13, 2020 by J. Tocknell
July 27, 2020, 2:44 a.m. J. Tocknell

Virtual Observatory Services

Data Central runs a number of Virtual Observatory services which can be access via a common set of tools, such as TopCat and pyvo. These services include:

Simple Cone Search

The Data Central SCS service runs at, and searches though all the data releases hosted by Data Central. There is some example code within the pyvo docs which shows how to access data via SCS in Python. The following code can be used as a starting point to experiment with the Data Central SCS:

>>> from astropy.coordinates import SkyCoord
>>> import astropy.units as u
>>> import pyvo
>>> scs_table = pyvo.dal.conesearch(
...     "",
...     SkyCoord(ra='130.6178d', dec='-0.271607d'),
...     radius=60 * u.arcsec
... )
>>> scs_table
<bound method DALResults.fieldname_with_utype of <Table length=6>
 RA ICRS    DEC ICRS  Source Name Dataset         Distance       DC ID 
   deg        deg                                   deg                
 float32    float32      object    object          object        object
--------- ----------- ----------- -------- --------------------- ------
130.61781 -0.27160797      202627 GAMA DR2 1.231963786451914e-05 169748
130.61035  -0.2747296      202628 GAMA DR2  0.008076649105768092 169750
130.62766 -0.27284884      202691 GAMA DR2  0.009930320903546022 169865
 130.6172   -0.283532      202636 GAMA DR2  0.011939943386627126 169763
 130.6044  -0.2628667      202647 GAMA DR2   0.01599290493049995 169785
130.61838  -0.2880986      202637 GAMA DR2   0.01650187238502076 169765>
>>> scs_table.status
('OK', 'Successful Response')

Simple Image Access

The Data Central SIA2 service runs at, and allows for image cutouts to be generated from all the image data releases hosted by Data Central. An overview and basic usage are covered in the SIA2 page. Sample code may be found within the SIA2 Examples page which shows how to access the service via Python and other tools.

May 13, 2020 by J. Tocknell
July 27, 2020, 2:44 a.m. J. Tocknell